Massage Mattress by GhostBed

$2,695.00 $3,234.00

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      What's Inside:
      • 12" height; 5 layers of comfort with built-in air pressure massage
      • The first-ever massaging mattress with patent-pending technology
      • Soft, flexible air cells inflate and deflate to gently stretch and massage tired muscles
      • Individual massage units on each side of the mattress, with no motion transfer
      • Five targeted body zones and 8 preset programs to choose from
      • Cool‐to‐the‐touch Ghost Ice cover and 3 types of premium foam offer exceptional pressure relief and an ultra-comfortable feel

      Medium: Gently conforms to pressure points while keeping your spine aligned.


      • 1 Queen Mattress with Built-in Massage Layer
      • 2 Wireless Remotes
      • 2 Whisper‐Quiet Control Boxes

      Patent-Pending Air Cell Technology

      5-zone air cells inflate and deflate, stretching your joints and giving you a gentle massage.

      Luxurious Comfort

      Premium materials above and beneath the air cells ensures all-night comfort and pressure relief.

      Dual-Sided Controls

      Air cells on each side of the bed allow for independent control so you won't disturb your partner.