3D Matrix® Mattress by GhostBed

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$1,698.00 $2,038.00
      What's Inside:
      • Thermal conductive gel polymer layer that scientifically adjusts to your individual body shape and temperature
      • Soft transition foam that contours beautifully to your body
      • 2" of gel memory foam that stretches and reacts to your body
      • Reinforced edge support—no slipping off the sides


      Soft and cozy with added shoulder, hip, and back support

      Instant Cool

      Run your fingers over the signature Ghost Ice Cover and it feels like touching a cool ocean breeze.

      Patented Pressure Relief

      Meet our star player, our patented and brilliantly comfortable 3D Matrix®  gel polymer.

      Made with the same gel found on surgical tables worldwide, it's designed to stretch, bend, and conform to every part of your body, relieving pressure as you relax into it. 

        Balanced Comfort 

        Comfortably soft, yet supportive. With its hybrid blend of contouring memory foam and durable coilsm you get a responsive, slightly springy feel that cushions every pressure point and alleviates joint pain, without making you feel "stuck".

        Solid Support

        Say goodbye to sagging sides.  With our Spirited Edge design, you can spread out confidently.  Whether you sleep on the edge, need support for easing out of bed of simply want a stable surface for putting on your shoes in the morning, our reinforced edges hold true.